OsL_made (OurSecretLab_made) is a part of the OurSecretLab collective.
It's the part that allows us to engage in that super special activity of making some cool things for some cool people who will hopefully be cool in them.

Most of those who work in the Lab have kids, so whenever we make some things, we like to ensure that the mini-me's of this world are covered as supremely as their parents.
That seems only fair after all.

We ❤️ the idea of craft (as in craftsmanship, we not so keen on being crafty... although it's ok to get out of parking tickets, etc).
We ❤️ the idea of simply getting involved and making actual real goodness to honest things... and that's a thing, right?
We ❤️ the idea of walking the walk, as much as talking the talk.

So... there's that I guess. Now we hope that you ❤️ our bizzle, respect the shizzle and feel the sizzle. Ya dig?

OurSecretLab is a creative laboratory (check us out H E R E if you would like to know more).

It comprises of 4 main parts:

  • OsL_films

  • OsL_made

  • OsL_sounds

  • OsL_travel

A hub for:

  • business ideas | workflow | communication

  • events

  • travel

  • design (print)

  • design | construction | hosting (digital)

  • audio/video creation

  • making things

We wanted to build a cool little online shop, and populate it with things that we loved making, and then sell those things to kick ass peeps like yourself, so we went ahead and did just that.

OurSecretLab (OsL) | ...where ideas get made...