OsL_made | blog_mk006 | IN+OUT

IN+OUT | our new program for sharing the ❤️ with those that really need it...

All of the profits from our IN+OUT products go to Unicef, which means that you can not only look good, but do good at the same time, and we feel that this is very much a_thing™.

OsL_made | blog_mk005 | Purple Reign.

Now these are something else... Moleskine ❤️.

Taken to the next level, which is the one level above awesome and into issues of personal shame as to how one feels so joyous and emotional about bound paper with an embossed cover of deliciousness. 

OsL_made | blog_mk003 | Numbers.

We only sell a MAX of 77 items of all the things that we make, and we will never sell anymore. Ever.

This means that you can rock your Lab constructed tee, sweat or shiny thing and know that you're in an elite band of discerning people... it also pretty much guarantees avoiding any fashion conflicts at movie premieres, TV close ups of you in the audience at the Oscars and Bar Mitzvah's.


OsL_made | blog_mk002 | Bags.

Every item that we sell gets lovingly wrapped in our super fresh hand stitched bags.

They've even got velcro on them, which the guys dudes and dudettes at NASA invented... how spacey is that!?!?

OsL_made | blog_mk001 | Begin.

An actual real life proper shop (located conveniently near where you live on the interweb) that sells actual real things of deliciousness.